My Penang Style Lunch

Today me and my Mom went to Purimall since I need to find a dress for the coming wedding party of my husband’s cousin.

After the search of my dress, which finally I could get one that fits me well (since it’a not too easy to find the suitable taste and size), then our tummy has already calling us.

So we choose to have lunch at Madam Rich, which is a Malaysian Restaurant. I like to eat here because it has a cozy ambience for me and my family to hang out and have a meal.

We order Kwetiaw Penang and Ice Teh Tarik.

The staff is friendly enough and is competent to give the information when I ask about the food.

While we talk, not long afterwards, the foods have already arrived. Nice presentation of the food with good taste of combination between Melayu and Chinese food. While the Ice teh tarik is tasty with the bitter and sweet taste; not like the other Teh Tarik that I often taste, which is very sweet. That’s the reason I like the Teh Tarik in here, as it is more like the real Teh Tarik in Singapore. So it is worth until the last sip. Oh yeah the portion is enough even for two people.

About the pricing, well fortunately they are having a promotional 20% discount, so the price is quite reasonable. If not, then it is quite pricey for me. However, this place is worth to try.