Dinner at Kedai Kelapa

For dinner, we try a new eating place called Kedai Kelapa. It is a small place but quite comfy. We enter the place with the javanese statute decorate the place.

We order 1 Soto Banjar with rice and 1 complete Soto Banjar with Rice ( the different with the complete ones is only the size, since I want to share it with my child). We could choose to eat with rice or ketupat. While waiting, we are free to take some crackers in the jar, which attract my son’s interest.

Then, not long after that, the foods are here. It feels sooo comforting to eat warm soup in a cloudy day.

The soup taste so fine in our mouth, with so many slices of boiled eggs, fried traditional Potato called “Perkedel”, shredded chicken, rice noodle, and on top it has some red onion spread around the bowl.

My child really likes the soto, as it doesnt taste too salty and the soto has enough content. The broth is also so thick and tasty.

What I like about this place is that, it seems like they consider their customer really worthy that they dont cook their food buy lessen the ingredient and increase the price.

It cost about IDR 32,000 for the standard size and IDR 38,000 for the complete one.