Enjoyable Lunch

Today’s lunch I choose Kwetiaw with roasted chicken in Penang Bistro at Mall Taman Anggrek, which is awesomely yummy. The roasted chicked is so savoury, while the kwetiaw itself is not too oily, but a little bit spicy. Of course you could ask for less spice.

This is my fave food when I eat here; plus, I often drink Ice Kedondong. So yummy with the balance taste of its sour and sweet.

I like thr ambience of the restaurant. with its dim lighting and some quotations boards, as well as its old-fashioned cushions, tables and chairs, I could say it describes a typical chinese eating place.

About the pricing, hmm I pay about IDR 42,000 for this which I thought is quite expensive because the size is a little bit small, than how it should be in this price range.