My Outtown Poem

This is a poem I wrote on the way to Outtown (Semarang) using car with my family and friend.

I was really enjoying the trip that inspiration coming out very quickly.

I was so carefree that no matter what mistake I make wont be a problem for me as I juat want to express my beautiful feelings.

Here I am

This afternoon

On our way outtown

I can’t stop my sight

From the car window

The view of green from the trees

The view of gold from the dried grass

When the sunshine shines through them

the view of blue from the calm sky

And the view of white from the clouds

Imagine the clouds

Are those a bunch of marshmallows

So full and soft

Are they cotton candy

So light and curly

Imagine myself sleeping on one of them

Accompanied with the calm wind blows

And when I woke up

I could see myself

As if I am in the picure

Of a great artist

With HIs magnificent creations