Out of the box

Do something different each day, for a challenge, for a refreshing moments. It might be walking with silly steps, taking different path to go to work, drink your coffee from the cup that is always sitting in your shelves for ages just because you feel it’s too nice to use.

I did that today. It maybe simple action, but it makes a smile on my face, a colourful day to the gloomy rainy day.

Today, instead of the usual when I either have cereals or noodles for breakfast, I woke up suddenly so early, to be so thankful abuout another new day, have my morning walk; then me and my husband stop by at a porridge eating place near our house, then have our breakfast there while chit chat for awhile before our morning activity started. The food (porridge) taste yummy if we eat it in a great mood, yea. It isn’t about the porridge, but about the whole situation.

It feels amazingly great to start a new day with some unusual things.

Now, what shall I do differently for tommorrow? Taking small steps to do it is fine. You might just say, ahh it’s only this, it’s only that. But Just do it, and trust me, you will feel better and you’ll have one happy day.

Please leave me some comments below on what you did differently today or could do tommorrow to make a better day. I’d love to hear it. 😘