A letter box

Today from the bus view, I could see a senior man stop by a letter box, leaning his bicycle and the he insert a letter inside a letter box.

I remember last time when I was in my junior high school, I really like to write letters and postcards, and sending them to my friends since I was studying abroad at that time. It was an exciting thing to do. I remember even I have ever got a pen friend from Finland named Paullina Makinen.

She is a very creative and nice person as well. She introduce me to her other friend as well named Noora. They send me some earrings and necklace they made themselves, storybook in their language and I sent mine as well.

Going to the post office as well as putting letter inside a post box become a fun thing for me. Moreover, I even collect stamps. My sister and friends sometimes give me and there I have 3 stamp albums.

Now as time change, people prefer to type in their laptop or phone. So when they have to write using pen or pencil, it will feel rather strange and rigid ( furthermore if we have to write longer).

I challenge myself from today to write from small steps in a notebook everyday. I have so many notebooks which I could decorate, write and draw before and now they are all empty. Maybe it is time for me to start putting my notebook out of my drawer.

Did anyone still like to write using notebook everyday? Could you please share what did you write and how does it looks like?