My favourite picture in 2017

Almost everyone nowadays do have a photo of themselves and or with their loved ones. With the selfies syndrome ( I like to call that with my own definition of people who really likes to took pictures of their own, their family, with their loved ones, their children, even food), so everybody must have at least one new picture every week or every month in their phone.

Now with the coming New Year of 2018, looking back at the year 2017, what is your favourite photo. It doesnt have to be your best look, but the most meaningful picture in 2017.

For me, this is my favourite picture because it has my family in the picture in a happy situation. We are on a holiday at a beautiful scenic place with cool weather. In that picture we are enjoying a warm cup of the café specialty’s coffee in an amazing spot where we could see the green fields with its flowers that are only could be found in the cool ground.

I remember after the coffee time, my son whose already being so excited since we reached there; he ran so fast and so carefree down through the path and he found a hammock and he just directly tried it.

I give it a try as well, lying down and have a swing, while looking up high, I could enjoy the view of a very tall pine tree.

Oh my, I am so touched. It was a very beautiful feeling; looking at a calm sky with trees around it in a nice cozy weather.

It is an experience that I have never felt before. Being so free, and peace at the same time, as if I am a little baby with no burden at all, being swing around to sleep. And it did makes me almost asleep if my cheeky son dont play around and ask his father to swing me even more fast. 😅😅

We really enjoy our holiday there and we just couldn’t stop talking about it. It is just a simple place but perhaps if I share my holiday trip story with my parents, they won’t see it positively about the whole situation as first they dont experience what we have, and they just never couldn’t enjoy to be in a nature place like that.