New Year Resolution

When we are in a good mood, I suggest you to sit down on your own and start writing.

Today as I still have a fresh mind I started to make a list on what shall I do for this year, to make this year more worthy.

I have this movie-inspiration called “The greatest showman” that I have watched last week. It was a great inspiring movie about whoever we are or whatever our dream is, just do it and great things will follow you.

Often we just too comfortable in our box and feel so lazy going out of the box and smell the roses as we are afraid of the thorns. In the end, we have come to the end of the year, regretting the things we havent done while we have the time with so many reasons.


It is the ultimate barrier when we want to be successfull in everything. However, try to dream as high as you can. Even if not all your dream could comes true, but it will always gives you a good feeling to lifted your spirit to always hope and thrive hard to achieve it. Slowly, all your fear will be faded; and your oldselves will becomes a better new person.

You will be amazed on your changes. Just ignore all the negative vibes around you as well.


Imagine in the morning when you wake up and prepare yourself to work, to campus, or sending your kids to school. We often will involve other people’s view in our mind. Either how other people will see us according to what we wear, how we talk and even what tranaportation we use.

Now close your eyes. Imagine you are in a place where you could just be yourself. Wearing comfy shirt and jeans perhaps with your most favourite sneakers sending your child to school. All the other moms are wearing fancy dress and branded sling bag.

When you walk inside the school, all eyes are looking at you. The next day, when you come to school again, surely this time most of the moms are wearing similar clothes and sneakers like you.

Oh I could imagine seeing your smile now. Wouldn’t that feel good? Being the ‘setter’ without knowing it can boost up your confidence?

At first in the real life, you might be ashame to wear that attire right? But how about if wearing that attire makes you the trendsetter? Or even popular? You might not think of how many friends you’ll get attached to you later on, asking you for tips and even more, they have the same hobby as yours and you all could click and be friends? Who knows…

Along the way, other inner or outer influence could stop you from doing the thing you are trying to do; but I suppose it will be awesome if you just press that Start Button rightaway.

And last but not least, just keep being yourself.

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” – The Greatest Showman

“Whatever you do, do it with all your might”- The Greatest Showman


When people look down on you

When all the doors are closed for you

Just look up

Straight to your dream

Dream high if you can

Think on how to make it happen

The barriers will surely, slowly breaking off

If you keep focus on it

Miracles do happen

Not to people who just doing nothing

Sitting down and have self pity

Miracles are for those

Who strive to win

Who are not ashame

To be and think differently

To try from different perspective