Sweet hardwork

Whatever your task or work, do it wholeheartedly. That is a wise word that someone important in my life has ever told me since I am younger.

It is true indeed. Either only washing our clothes or just brushing our hair. As simple as that.

I love the quote from Deepika Padukone.

The result will always amazing if we do things with our own hardwork, and if it will become a habit, who knows?

I was inspired by my son. He really likes rock climbing.

Yesterday I saw his friend, older than him and much slimmer that my son, who’ve tried the rock climbing lesson. And after a few step, he was not moving from the wall, with a pair of trembling knees while he keep looking down, at his Mom.

While my son climb to the top as if there is something he’d like to reach at the top. With so much hardwork and hope, slowly, he climb and finish his path. 🎉👍🏻

His coach is amazed with his great willingness to keep trying. Although he is not too slim, which usually becomes one of the barrier to move fast in rock climbing, but he managed to get rid of that barrier and focus on what he wants. I remember he keep showing his hands making a sign like the spiderman when he shoot the web. Maybe that is one of the factor that helps him to focus. Imagine he is a spiderman

I remember at the very first lesson, he was a little bit scared, but he looks anxious and that is what brings him to the top. He keeps trying week after week, and yesterday, he did it. I am very proud of his hardwork, which inspired me to always focus on what I want to reach and put an extra effort on it.