Cry happily

When is the last time you cry, happily?

How’s that feels like? Well, of course, happy.

I remember the first time I was crying happily is on the 1st September 2011, in the morning at about 8. After a shower, as I have plan nervously, to do a urine test.

I pray and at the same time being trying really hard not to put too much hope on whatever the result is.

It’s like a miracle and at the same time feels like an explosion in my heart.

I run outside bringing the testpack while tears of happiness has already bursting out of my eyes, looking for my husband.

We have been waited for that since we put a high hope until we let go and just give everything to ‘GOD‘, for 2 years and 8 months. So it feels so tremendously amazing.

And yesterday, 1st of March 2018, while I was on my way to pick up my son in school, I got a message that is surprisingly makes me being so carefree to just cry in front of my Mom, as she is in the car with me at the time.

I am not a person who likes to show my tears in front of people usually as I am a very inferior people.

Anyway, I was directly letting go of my tears and at the same time smile-laughing widely.

Soooo relieved that my son has got the 1st medal for his badminton competition last week.

I was expecting at least the 3rd winner, but not 1st. I remember, I was just keep praying very sincerely that Jesus really will give my son the chance to be a winner, so he could get that awesome feeling as a winner to boost his confidence and motivate him to do better. And also because I know he really put an extra effort with a great wilingness to win.

I still can’t believe it. HE really listens. He knows how big my love to my son that I always want only the best thing for him, for him to always be happy. I thank Jesus sooo many times.

It is really an awesomely great happy cry that I experience.

It may sounds awkward. However, I have just realized that I am a Mother. My child, his happiness and everything in his life is really important to me. So that explains and makes me understand, why there is a saying that we could be happy for someone else. It is because of LOVE.