Cry happily

When is the last time you cry, happily?

How’s that feels like? Well, of course, happy.

I remember the first time I was crying happily is on the 1st September 2011, in the morning at about 8. After a shower, as I have plan nervously, to do a urine test.

I pray and at the same time being trying really hard not to put too much hope on whatever the result is.

It’s like a miracle and at the same time feels like an explosion in my heart.

I run outside bringing the testpack while tears of happiness has already bursting out of my eyes, looking for my husband.

We have been waited for that since we put a high hope until we let go and just give everything to ‘GOD‘, for 2 years and 8 months. So it feels so tremendously amazing.

And yesterday, 1st of March 2018, while I was on my way to pick up my son in school, I got a message that is surprisingly makes me being so carefree to just cry in front of my Mom, as she is in the car with me at the time.

I am not a person who likes to show my tears in front of people usually as I am a very inferior people.

Anyway, I was directly letting go of my tears and at the same time smile-laughing widely.

Soooo relieved that my son has got the 1st medal for his badminton competition last week.

I was expecting at least the 3rd winner, but not 1st. I remember, I was just keep praying very sincerely that Jesus really will give my son the chance to be a winner, so he could get that awesome feeling as a winner to boost his confidence and motivate him to do better. And also because I know he really put an extra effort with a great wilingness to win.

I still can’t believe it. HE really listens. He knows how big my love to my son that I always want only the best thing for him, for him to always be happy. I thank Jesus sooo many times.

It is really an awesomely great happy cry that I experience.

It may sounds awkward. However, I have just realized that I am a Mother. My child, his happiness and everything in his life is really important to me. So that explains and makes me understand, why there is a saying that we could be happy for someone else. It is because of LOVE.

Sweet hardwork

Whatever your task or work, do it wholeheartedly. That is a wise word that someone important in my life has ever told me since I am younger.

It is true indeed. Either only washing our clothes or just brushing our hair. As simple as that.

I love the quote from Deepika Padukone.

The result will always amazing if we do things with our own hardwork, and if it will become a habit, who knows?

I was inspired by my son. He really likes rock climbing.

Yesterday I saw his friend, older than him and much slimmer that my son, who’ve tried the rock climbing lesson. And after a few step, he was not moving from the wall, with a pair of trembling knees while he keep looking down, at his Mom.

While my son climb to the top as if there is something he’d like to reach at the top. With so much hardwork and hope, slowly, he climb and finish his path. 🎉👍🏻

His coach is amazed with his great willingness to keep trying. Although he is not too slim, which usually becomes one of the barrier to move fast in rock climbing, but he managed to get rid of that barrier and focus on what he wants. I remember he keep showing his hands making a sign like the spiderman when he shoot the web. Maybe that is one of the factor that helps him to focus. Imagine he is a spiderman

I remember at the very first lesson, he was a little bit scared, but he looks anxious and that is what brings him to the top. He keeps trying week after week, and yesterday, he did it. I am very proud of his hardwork, which inspired me to always focus on what I want to reach and put an extra effort on it.

New Year Resolution

When we are in a good mood, I suggest you to sit down on your own and start writing.

Today as I still have a fresh mind I started to make a list on what shall I do for this year, to make this year more worthy.

I have this movie-inspiration called “The greatest showman” that I have watched last week. It was a great inspiring movie about whoever we are or whatever our dream is, just do it and great things will follow you.

Often we just too comfortable in our box and feel so lazy going out of the box and smell the roses as we are afraid of the thorns. In the end, we have come to the end of the year, regretting the things we havent done while we have the time with so many reasons.


It is the ultimate barrier when we want to be successfull in everything. However, try to dream as high as you can. Even if not all your dream could comes true, but it will always gives you a good feeling to lifted your spirit to always hope and thrive hard to achieve it. Slowly, all your fear will be faded; and your oldselves will becomes a better new person.

You will be amazed on your changes. Just ignore all the negative vibes around you as well.


Imagine in the morning when you wake up and prepare yourself to work, to campus, or sending your kids to school. We often will involve other people’s view in our mind. Either how other people will see us according to what we wear, how we talk and even what tranaportation we use.

Now close your eyes. Imagine you are in a place where you could just be yourself. Wearing comfy shirt and jeans perhaps with your most favourite sneakers sending your child to school. All the other moms are wearing fancy dress and branded sling bag.

When you walk inside the school, all eyes are looking at you. The next day, when you come to school again, surely this time most of the moms are wearing similar clothes and sneakers like you.

Oh I could imagine seeing your smile now. Wouldn’t that feel good? Being the ‘setter’ without knowing it can boost up your confidence?

At first in the real life, you might be ashame to wear that attire right? But how about if wearing that attire makes you the trendsetter? Or even popular? You might not think of how many friends you’ll get attached to you later on, asking you for tips and even more, they have the same hobby as yours and you all could click and be friends? Who knows…

Along the way, other inner or outer influence could stop you from doing the thing you are trying to do; but I suppose it will be awesome if you just press that Start Button rightaway.

And last but not least, just keep being yourself.

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” – The Greatest Showman

“Whatever you do, do it with all your might”- The Greatest Showman


When people look down on you

When all the doors are closed for you

Just look up

Straight to your dream

Dream high if you can

Think on how to make it happen

The barriers will surely, slowly breaking off

If you keep focus on it

Miracles do happen

Not to people who just doing nothing

Sitting down and have self pity

Miracles are for those

Who strive to win

Who are not ashame

To be and think differently

To try from different perspective

My favourite picture in 2017

Almost everyone nowadays do have a photo of themselves and or with their loved ones. With the selfies syndrome ( I like to call that with my own definition of people who really likes to took pictures of their own, their family, with their loved ones, their children, even food), so everybody must have at least one new picture every week or every month in their phone.

Now with the coming New Year of 2018, looking back at the year 2017, what is your favourite photo. It doesnt have to be your best look, but the most meaningful picture in 2017.

For me, this is my favourite picture because it has my family in the picture in a happy situation. We are on a holiday at a beautiful scenic place with cool weather. In that picture we are enjoying a warm cup of the café specialty’s coffee in an amazing spot where we could see the green fields with its flowers that are only could be found in the cool ground.

I remember after the coffee time, my son whose already being so excited since we reached there; he ran so fast and so carefree down through the path and he found a hammock and he just directly tried it.

I give it a try as well, lying down and have a swing, while looking up high, I could enjoy the view of a very tall pine tree.

Oh my, I am so touched. It was a very beautiful feeling; looking at a calm sky with trees around it in a nice cozy weather.

It is an experience that I have never felt before. Being so free, and peace at the same time, as if I am a little baby with no burden at all, being swing around to sleep. And it did makes me almost asleep if my cheeky son dont play around and ask his father to swing me even more fast. 😅😅

We really enjoy our holiday there and we just couldn’t stop talking about it. It is just a simple place but perhaps if I share my holiday trip story with my parents, they won’t see it positively about the whole situation as first they dont experience what we have, and they just never couldn’t enjoy to be in a nature place like that.

A letter box

Today from the bus view, I could see a senior man stop by a letter box, leaning his bicycle and the he insert a letter inside a letter box.

I remember last time when I was in my junior high school, I really like to write letters and postcards, and sending them to my friends since I was studying abroad at that time. It was an exciting thing to do. I remember even I have ever got a pen friend from Finland named Paullina Makinen.

She is a very creative and nice person as well. She introduce me to her other friend as well named Noora. They send me some earrings and necklace they made themselves, storybook in their language and I sent mine as well.

Going to the post office as well as putting letter inside a post box become a fun thing for me. Moreover, I even collect stamps. My sister and friends sometimes give me and there I have 3 stamp albums.

Now as time change, people prefer to type in their laptop or phone. So when they have to write using pen or pencil, it will feel rather strange and rigid ( furthermore if we have to write longer).

I challenge myself from today to write from small steps in a notebook everyday. I have so many notebooks which I could decorate, write and draw before and now they are all empty. Maybe it is time for me to start putting my notebook out of my drawer.

Did anyone still like to write using notebook everyday? Could you please share what did you write and how does it looks like?

Holiday Season

Beautiful candles decorating the wooden tower.

One soldier on the top

Prepare to ring the bell

Others are waiting down

As if to secure the place

As we wait for the season to come

Be joyful

Be thankful

For this year

We have been blessed

Be hopeful

Be optimistic

As the new year comes

To shine us

Many more blessings

As we work hard

And pray hard


Happy Holiday Everyone