An extra Time

If you could step into a machine that gave you more time, what would you do with this extra time?


I will use my time to sit down with a laptop and a coffee to accompany me, and my fave pillow on my lap ( I always love to hve a pillow on my lap) to write about almost any ideas that come to my mind. As a full time Mom, it really left me with no time at all to do what I like, other than Mothering. It is a most lovely job that I could think of.

However, if I have an extra time given, I will write and write. It could be a letter to my son for the next 10 years, it could also be a letter for me when I am 45, or about anything. I will stop and walk around for awhile, dance a little bit with a nice music, then go back to Only write.

Learn and do some art & craft

I grew up as a girl who always likes creating something from an unused material. I remember I have ever make a necklace from a burnt straw. That was my first craft. And I have ever learnt from a magazine to make my mom a gift for Mother’s day. I make her a bag and a card with my own poem for her. Inside I put a beautiful rose.

Oh what a beautiful memory.

Well until now, I love to spend times with my child to make some art and craft. Like last time we do an experiment to make a volcano, lava lamp, and dancing water. I hope he can have a fun learning that way.

These are some of the ‘mother and son’ activity we have made last time.

For me, making art and craft is a never bored activity.

So if I have more time given, I wanted to makes more creative stuff. About anything, well, perhaps somethig related to kids or something I could use to decorate my house.

Wow, by thinking about it has already makes me feel good.

Cook for my family

This is like my dream to be able to make delicious and beautiful food to my family which they could have a good memory of it and will make it as their favourite food.

However, I almost have no good time to really cook well and enjoy it. It is always been a rush. I always love cooking channel and have collected many recipe books and notes as well.

So if I have a good quality time, I really wanna use it to try some of the special recipes that I’ve been keeping in my Journal. Really imagine the smile from my family’s face and asking me to cook again for the next day. 😘😘

Do more Yoga

Yoga, a relax and tone body, is what I will imagine if I have that word passing by my mind.

I have always done it in the morning after sending my child to school. But lately, I am just losing track on the time to do it. I’ve missed it, my body as well.

The sensation feeling after yoga is so amazing. I always love how yoga has change my body (from a hunchback into more straight, and how it help flatten my tummy and helps control my breath as well.

Well it is actually a 15-30 minutes time I would have to steal for my daily activity, but there is always some things that steal my time to do other things. So I think I must set a strict schedule for Yoga.


Ha-ha.. well I couldn’t believe myself even when I wrote this. How unproductive idea it is. But yeah, as I said before apart from being full time Mom is an honouring job, sometimes I do miss my good sleep, even a cat nap.

I will just wear my comfy cloth with my fave pillow, and sleep until I am satisfied. πŸ˜…πŸ˜

Out of the box

Do something different each day, for a challenge, for a refreshing moments. It might be walking with silly steps, taking different path to go to work, drink your coffee from the cup that is always sitting in your shelves for ages just because you feel it’s too nice to use.

I did that today. It maybe simple action, but it makes a smile on my face, a colourful day to the gloomy rainy day.

Today, instead of the usual when I either have cereals or noodles for breakfast, I woke up suddenly so early, to be so thankful abuout another new day, have my morning walk; then me and my husband stop by at a porridge eating place near our house, then have our breakfast there while chit chat for awhile before our morning activity started. The food (porridge) taste yummy if we eat it in a great mood, yea. It isn’t about the porridge, but about the whole situation.

It feels amazingly great to start a new day with some unusual things.

Now, what shall I do differently for tommorrow? Taking small steps to do it is fine. You might just say, ahh it’s only this, it’s only that. But Just do it, and trust me, you will feel better and you’ll have one happy day.

Please leave me some comments below on what you did differently today or could do tommorrow to make a better day. I’d love to hear it. 😘

Christmas Wish

Here goes my child starting to counting down to Christmas as he can’t wait for your trip and the present from Santa in School.

As a little girl, I was always been so excited about Christmas. This time, it is like a nostalgic moments for me to try being a little girl who have a Christmas Wish.

Of course as an adult, my wish shouldn’t be barbie doll or Princess accessories anymore.

First wish that I know it needs an extra miracle, I wish I could be pregnant and give birth to my second child; so I could give my baby a friend as well as someone to grow up together and collect many colourful experiences and moments together.

Next on my list would be of course I could write more often ( and I mean really have the time to express and improve more on my writing). As during my teenage years, I was always spent more time on making journals, writing short stories and poems, photo collages.

I don’t know why after I give birth to my son, I be more like a man. Until my fave colour even change from pink to blue.


On the other hand, I wish I could be more creative and tidy as my husband always never absent to remind and at the same time complaining on my careless behaviour. Thank God, he is still tolerant to me 😁😁. Wait honey, I am working on that.

Finally I wish I could have as many follower as I could and I could make my blog more interesting until it can be paid as well. Since I always dreamt of having a work that I could enjoy doing and where I could do anywhere, but still get paid.

Well, I guess I will be adding more to my list, but that’s it for now.

My Outtown Poem

This is a poem I wrote on the way to Outtown (Semarang) using car with my family and friend.

I was really enjoying the trip that inspiration coming out very quickly.

I was so carefree that no matter what mistake I make wont be a problem for me as I juat want to express my beautiful feelings.

Here I am

This afternoon

On our way outtown

I can’t stop my sight

From the car window

The view of green from the trees

The view of gold from the dried grass

When the sunshine shines through them

the view of blue from the calm sky

And the view of white from the clouds

Imagine the clouds

Are those a bunch of marshmallows

So full and soft

Are they cotton candy

So light and curly

Imagine myself sleeping on one of them

Accompanied with the calm wind blows

And when I woke up

I could see myself

As if I am in the picure

Of a great artist

With HIs magnificent creations

Count my blessings.

Hello Friday..

Today with so many hectic around the house, I stop as a little mind passing into my head.

Stop complaining, stop throwing the anger on your life and be thankful.

Oh dear, how true it is. It is like a little angel has whisper to me that I am so blessed.

First I am so thankful that I have caring and healthy parents, husband and child.

Second, I am also thankful for a healthy body, a shelter, nice clothes and food for my daily living.

Those are the main and wonderful blessings in my life.

I guess that is enough for me to wash away all the weariness in my heart.

Counting my blessing, rather than counting my problems.

It’s Time

Years passed

My baby has grown up

From a todler

To a young man

He always be with me

Play with me

Learn things with me

Until we become best friends

But deep inside

A sadness cover my heart

He is always alone

With no little friend

To play together

To share the toys

To read books together

To make mistakes together

To grow up together


It has reached to the time

When I can only give up

To whatever His decision is

I no longer could

Fight back

I no longer could

Dream high

As I know

It has reached to the time

for me to

just spend as much time as I could

With my little baby


As the sun has set

And turn the day into night

A clear sky has become dark

Shining white spots appears

Shining stars colours the sky

Like beautiful diamonds far above

So pure and original

Like a mother love

To their child