My Outtown Poem

This is a poem I wrote on the way to Outtown (Semarang) using car with my family and friend.

I was really enjoying the trip that inspiration coming out very quickly.

I was so carefree that no matter what mistake I make wont be a problem for me as I juat want to express my beautiful feelings.

Here I am

This afternoon

On our way outtown

I can’t stop my sight

From the car window

The view of green from the trees

The view of gold from the dried grass

When the sunshine shines through them

the view of blue from the calm sky

And the view of white from the clouds

Imagine the clouds

Are those a bunch of marshmallows

So full and soft

Are they cotton candy

So light and curly

Imagine myself sleeping on one of them

Accompanied with the calm wind blows

And when I woke up

I could see myself

As if I am in the picure

Of a great artist

With HIs magnificent creations

Count my blessings.

Hello Friday..

Today with so many hectic around the house, I stop as a little mind passing into my head.

Stop complaining, stop throwing the anger on your life and be thankful.

Oh dear, how true it is. It is like a little angel has whisper to me that I am so blessed.

First I am so thankful that I have caring and healthy parents, husband and child.

Second, I am also thankful for a healthy body, a shelter, nice clothes and food for my daily living.

Those are the main and wonderful blessings in my life.

I guess that is enough for me to wash away all the weariness in my heart.

Counting my blessing, rather than counting my problems.

It’s Time

Years passed

My baby has grown up

From a todler

To a young man

He always be with me

Play with me

Learn things with me

Until we become best friends

But deep inside

A sadness cover my heart

He is always alone

With no little friend

To play together

To share the toys

To read books together

To make mistakes together

To grow up together


It has reached to the time

When I can only give up

To whatever His decision is

I no longer could

Fight back

I no longer could

Dream high

As I know

It has reached to the time

for me to

just spend as much time as I could

With my little baby


As the sun has set

And turn the day into night

A clear sky has become dark

Shining white spots appears

Shining stars colours the sky

Like beautiful diamonds far above

So pure and original

Like a mother love

To their child

Enjoyable Lunch

Today’s lunch I choose Kwetiaw with roasted chicken in Penang Bistro at Mall Taman Anggrek, which is awesomely yummy. The roasted chicked is so savoury, while the kwetiaw itself is not too oily, but a little bit spicy. Of course you could ask for less spice.

This is my fave food when I eat here; plus, I often drink Ice Kedondong. So yummy with the balance taste of its sour and sweet.

I like thr ambience of the restaurant. with its dim lighting and some quotations boards, as well as its old-fashioned cushions, tables and chairs, I could say it describes a typical chinese eating place.

About the pricing, hmm I pay about IDR 42,000 for this which I thought is quite expensive because the size is a little bit small, than how it should be in this price range.

Weekends at Semarang

Jika bepergian untuk liburan atau untuk perjalanan bisnis, keluarga saya selalu mempercayakan Traveloka untuk membantu mencarikan hotel yang paling cocok.

Kali ini saya memilih hotel untuk acara keluarga di Semarang.

Saya suka sekali dengan cara traveloka mengerti kebutuhan para penggunanya sampai ke detail.

Saya bisa memilih dari beragam promo yang berlaku, dan dapat disortir dari harga terendah, sampai ke pilihan fasilitas dan akomodasi.

Berbagai review dan fasilitas yang didapat serta gambar kamar hotelpun benar2 sangat membantu. Saya bisa benar-benar membayangkan suasana dan pengalaman yang akan didapat ketika menginap di hotel; dan tentunya sangat membantu saya untuk memilih hotel yang tepat.

Akhirnya saya yakin untuk memilih Hotel Ciputra, dan langsung memilih menu pembayaran yang sangat lengkap. Mulai dari pilihan transfer melalui internet banking/ATM, sampai pembayaran melalui kartu kredit.

Saya membayar penginapan di Ciputra dengan haga yang memuaskan, karna saya juga mendapatkan potongan harga dari poin yang telah saya kumpulkan selama menggunakan aplikasi Traveloka.

Fitur Stay Guaranteenya juga tersedia untuk menjawab segala keluhan kita sewaktu menginap; dan traveloka akan mencarikan solusi terbaik, bahkan menawarkan agar kita mendapatkan 50% pengembalian dari transaksi kita.

Inilah tampilan kamar Hotel Ciputra yang saya pesan. Saya memilih non-smoking room, dengan free breakfast.

Ketika membuka pintu kamar, kita disambut dengan meja teh dan kopi serta 2 botol air untuk komplimen, lengkap dengan kettle untuk memasak air.

Lemari pakaian dengan beberapa gantungan baju dan safety box untuk penyimpanan barang berharga kita.

Terdapat meja kerja, lengkap dengan alat tulis, bahkan amplop untuk kebutuhan bisnis.

Kamar mandi yang cukup luas dengan segala toiletries seperti sabun, shampoo, pasta gigi dan sikatnya, sisir, alat shave, alat jahit, serta handuk kecil sampai besar.

Ranjang yang cukup nyaman untuk saya dan anak dengan lantai karpet yang cukup bersih

Inilah tampak luar dari dalam kaca kamar kami yang menghadap ke kolam renang.

Kamar mandi yang cukup nyaman dengan bathtub serta air hangat yang berfungsi dengan baik.

Tampak jalan Simpang Lima dari kamar kami.

Kaca kamar dan tirai yang cukup tebal untuk menghadang sinar matahari dari luar.

Dinner at Kedai Kelapa

For dinner, we try a new eating place called Kedai Kelapa. It is a small place but quite comfy. We enter the place with the javanese statute decorate the place.

We order 1 Soto Banjar with rice and 1 complete Soto Banjar with Rice ( the different with the complete ones is only the size, since I want to share it with my child). We could choose to eat with rice or ketupat. While waiting, we are free to take some crackers in the jar, which attract my son’s interest.

Then, not long after that, the foods are here. It feels sooo comforting to eat warm soup in a cloudy day.

The soup taste so fine in our mouth, with so many slices of boiled eggs, fried traditional Potato called “Perkedel”, shredded chicken, rice noodle, and on top it has some red onion spread around the bowl.

My child really likes the soto, as it doesnt taste too salty and the soto has enough content. The broth is also so thick and tasty.

What I like about this place is that, it seems like they consider their customer really worthy that they dont cook their food buy lessen the ingredient and increase the price.

It cost about IDR 32,000 for the standard size and IDR 38,000 for the complete one.

My Penang Style Lunch

Today me and my Mom went to Purimall since I need to find a dress for the coming wedding party of my husband’s cousin.

After the search of my dress, which finally I could get one that fits me well (since it’a not too easy to find the suitable taste and size), then our tummy has already calling us.

So we choose to have lunch at Madam Rich, which is a Malaysian Restaurant. I like to eat here because it has a cozy ambience for me and my family to hang out and have a meal.

We order Kwetiaw Penang and Ice Teh Tarik.

The staff is friendly enough and is competent to give the information when I ask about the food.

While we talk, not long afterwards, the foods have already arrived. Nice presentation of the food with good taste of combination between Melayu and Chinese food. While the Ice teh tarik is tasty with the bitter and sweet taste; not like the other Teh Tarik that I often taste, which is very sweet. That’s the reason I like the Teh Tarik in here, as it is more like the real Teh Tarik in Singapore. So it is worth until the last sip. Oh yeah the portion is enough even for two people.

About the pricing, well fortunately they are having a promotional 20% discount, so the price is quite reasonable. If not, then it is quite pricey for me. However, this place is worth to try.

Breakfast @ Bakmi Atjong

Aloha!! Dari kemarin anakku ud ngjak makan Bakmi di dekat rumah di hari Minggu ini. Akhirnya setelah berkutat dengan rutinitas pagi, berangkatlah kita ke daerah Green Garden. Bakmi langganan kita. Bakmi Atjong. Yg jual berbody besar dan bertatoo, sempet serem awalnya, tp ternyata baik dan cukup friendly.

Singkatnya, kupesenlah 2 Bakmi Babi Panggang porsi biasa, 2 bakso goreng, 2 pangsit goreng dan Es teh tawar.

Gak lama order, datanglah bakso goreng dan pangsit gorengnya. Ini pertama kalinya kita order pangsit goreng di sini; karna ngelirik meja sebelah yg asik bgt ngegadoin pangsit. Pangsitnya menurutku biasa aja dan cenderung alot sih.

Sedangkan bakso gorengnya, ud seperti “a must order”, kl kita kesini. Besarnya lumayan untuk dimakan bertiga. Rasanya juga crunchy.

Sambil nunggu lagi, dateng deh Bakmi babi pangsitnya. Maaf yah foto Bakminya itu setelah kubagi dua sm anakku hihi.

Well, untuk rasa, mi halusnya memang enak, apalagi untuk dikunyah sma anak2. Rasa babinya juga enak dan wangi. Garingg gitu deh, porsinya jg lumayan untuk dibagi dua sama anakku.

Untuk minuman kita pesen 1 aja krna gelasnya lumayan besar dannn bisa direfill. 😊😊

Tempat makannya oke buat sarapan sambil ngobrol. Bersih juga dan adem, terutama dekat tamannya.

Harga di sini cukup fair dan sesuai sma kualitas dan kuantitas porsinya. Semangkok Bakmi halus babi panggang biasa seharga 28rb, dengan es tawar 3rb dan bakso goreng 10rb dan pangsitnya 7rb. Dengan 3 porsi yaitu 1/2, biasa dan besar, dan ada pilihan bakmi halus atau alot, juga ada pilihan ayam rebus, babi panggang, babi charsiew atau lengkap.

Puas deh untuk kita makan pagi ataupun siang.